DFINITY USAWith the introduction of blockchain many years ago came the promise of monumental improvements to the functionality of economies around the world. This promise, however, has remained a distant dream despite the fact that there are dozens of systems currently in use worldwide today. A forward-thinking group of computer and blockchain specialists at DFINITY USA collectively believe that blockchain’s shortcomings are tied to the mediocre capabilities of established systems. Consider that all of the current blockchain systems today have closed source code, are costly to adopt and fail to meet critical needs. The DFINITY USA group believes that the secret to activating blockchain’s full potential lies in singularity. Essentially, they believe that one system must be adopted by all and that the system must be functionally superior to others in existence today. These beliefs have led to their creation of the Internet Computer.

The Internet Computer is in a league of its own from the floor level up. Its roots are sowed in the Mokoto design language, which incorporates functionalities with blockchain and smart contracts. By doing so, it enables the Internet Computer to function with the automated dispatch of memory communications, the production of orthogonal persistence and the completion of asynchronous messaging.

DFINITY USADFINITY USA has progressively refined the Internet Computer over the last five years by incorporating a suite of premium features into the mix. The interactivity with smart contracts, for example, enables the Internet Computer to execute much faster cryptocurrency transactions. As another example, the system’s Network Nervous System works at the node level to promote liquid democracy and to facilitate quick developer updates. Chain Key encryption is yet another example, and it allows the Internet Computer to perform seamlessly with smart devices around the world.

Will the Internet Computer meet its creators’ expectations? Support from engineers, programmers, developers, computer scientists and others continues building today as the DFINITY USA team makes essential improvements to the system.