Dr. Natale Helping Solve Atrial Fibrillation Disorder with Credible and Resourceful Research

Dr. Andrea NataleAndrea Natale, a Stanford University graduate, is a respected medical practitioner for his honed skills. He also attended the well-known Western Reserve University. A fellow in the European Society of Cardiology, American College of Cardiology, and the Heart Rhythm Society. He recently joined an Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) task force established by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

In electrophysiology icon, Natale has contributed significantly towards cardiac care through multiple research and patent procedures. Highly viewed within his discipline, Natale has attended over two hundred symposiums globally and received various coveted professional accolades. Throughout his medical career, Dr. Natale has co-written more than 100 cardiac-related papers. He has achieved multiple honors because of his devotion within the field, including being named top doctor throughout Austin and Cleveland.

The United States and Northern Ohio notably have recognized dedication for medicine. For instance, for three consecutive years, he was announced in an annual event, the Cleveland Clinic Innovator of the Year. He also received the Bury + Partners Innovation Award and Brain-Heart Institute Research Award. Some accolades are patient-generated, with HealthGrades awarding him a near 5-star rating.

Reviewers were significantly complementing the doctor because of his easy explanation to patients. His ability to explain their health conditions was remarkable, that he started offering telehealth services. With a vast medical background, Natale is well-versed in electrophysiology and internal medicine. An accomplished inventor and researcher, Dr. Andrea is a recognized medical care expert throughout the US.

His invention talent brought about the proper tools that facilitate catheter-based AFib globally today. Apart from inventing this medical-use tool, Natale was also the pioneer of performing the radiofrequency ablation procedure. He had a solution for all cardiac patients that would not receive traditional method treatment. Andrea Natale hopes to benefit his patients through medically assistive technology, including specialized ablation catheters.

Located in Austin, at the resourceful St. David’s Medical Center, the Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute (TCAI) is devoted to treating heart rhythm ailments. The facility is efficient in researching, training, and treatment of the disorders discovered by electrophysiologists globally. St. David’s, an equipped medical care center, has employed certifies staff who cater to patients within the hospital’s facility.

Background Information

Assistive tech such as magnetics and robotics complement medical work done by expert TCAI physicians, well-trained researchers, and physicians work together through the superior facilities offered by St. David to address the challenging arrhythmia disorders.