Jack MasonJack Mason is the Inc & Co CEO. He founded the company in 2019 in Manchester with 15 brands, including retail, property, digital, food, beverage and logistics. Jack Mason believes that bringing companies together and connecting them will allow them to enjoy shared management strategies and business functions. The ampersand is the symbol of their business. It signifies bringing people together to be stronger than they were alone.

Since Jack Mason has been the Inc & Co CEO, the company has also expanded to London, Leeds, Birmingham and Liverpool. They have seen an 11% month-to-month increase in profits. The company has recently made acquired several startups, including Laundrapp, an on-demand laundry service app; Brass, an award-winning marketing agency; Neon, a creative applications agency; Skylab, a sports innovation agency; and Cuhu, mobile-app development specialists. In 2020, they developed Inc & Co Property Group. This division oversees business center development office space with the incspaces portfolio.

At the end of 2020, Jack Mason also predicted what life might look like post-COVID 19, and many of his predictions have come to pass in 2021. Many key economic changes are commonplace today, such as increased wages; embracing the remote culture and virtual events; and increased safety measures in entertainment and hospitality venues.

Jack Mason

Inc & Co currently employees 170 staff. Jack is actively seeking new lines of business to bring to the company. His background in marketing, HR and finance has allowed him to bring leaders and professionals together. His goal is to use his knowledge and expertise to support start-up businesses while allowing them to maintain their branding and identity.