Dave AtrobusThe benefits of working remotely have always outweighed the drawbacks. The majority of companies have not always embraced this noble idea. But when the Covid-19 stroke and enforced lockdowns, the idea was reinforced. The companies that massively deal with software development have massively benefited from the idea. One of the renowned persons in the technical world is Dave Antrobus, the Co-founder and technical director of Fresh Thinking Group. Dave Antrobus critically dives into some of the immense benefits of remote working. The technical director of the Fresh Thinking Group asserts that remote working enhances productivity. According to intense research by Digiterre, it was established that people employed in the technological industries perform exemplary well when they work from home as compared to the office.

The Digittere report established that there was an increase in productivity by 30% when software developers worked from home. Another benefit as explained by Dave Antrobus is that working remotely resulted in happier developers. The technical director of Fresh Thinking Group is quick to note when employees are at an office set they often feel as being micro-managed. When working remotely employees feel trusted and valued motivating them to even go the extra mile. Saving on commute and lunch is another benefit explained by Dave Antrobus. Remote workers save a significant amount of time and money on commuting. Additionally, they massively save on lunch spending making them save a huge chunk of their salary. This means that remote workers have ample with their children and often drop them off in school.

Remote tools is another significant benefit as explained by Dave Antrobus of Fresh Thinking Group. He asserts that due to the wide range of tools that software developers use, they are best suited to work remotely. He asserts that software developers work collaboratively when working remotely. The development tools used in software development include the famous Atlassian suite and systems like GIT used in version control. Additionally, platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom can easily facilitate video calls meetings. It has been reported that companies that are reluctant to embrace remote working are immensely astonished by the achievements of those that have religiously adopted.