Good Ideas From Every Direction: How Ross Levinsohn Moves Media Companies Forward

Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn has never been interested in being a caretaker CEO, a mere steward of a brand. Instead, at all the media organizations he’s led, he’s sought growth and innovation. After all, in an ever-changing digital landscape, standing still can be really bad for business.

Indeed, at the various companies where he’s worked, Ross has built new digital platforms for consuming content and interacting with creators. In addition, he always welcomes ideas from any employees with new approaches to suggest. He’s even said that one of his goals as a leader is to be “utterly approachable.”

Throughout his career, Ross has been eager to help other companies and share his innovative strategies. To that end, he cofounded a media and technology advisory firm called Whisper Advisors.

Plus, Ross was an external senior advisor at the management consulting firm Boston Consulting Group, and he’s served on corporate boards. Over the years, Ross has also invested in dozens of media brands, small and large companies alike.

Ross attended American University from 1981 to 1985, graduating with a communications degree. He then began his digital media career at CBS SportsLine.

The next three decades would take Ross to leadership positions at, among others, Fox Interactive Media, Tribune Publishing, and Guggenheim Digital Media. The latter company is home to prestigious titles such as the Hollywood Reporter and Billboard Magazine.

One of Ross’s career highlights came in 2012, when he served as the interim CEO of internet giant Yahoo.

Today, Ross is the CEO of Maven, a Seattle-based communications company with the publishing rights to Sports Illustrated. It also provides digital infrastructure to more than 300 other media brands.

Maven’s future represents a great challenge and a great opportunity for Ross and his team. Over the past 20 years, technologies and consumer expectations have dramatically changed. And the global COVID pandemic may permanently alter media consumption habits in still-unknown ways.

Fortunately, Ross Levinsohn is uniquely poised to lead this powerful and growing company. As ever, he’ll be guided by his forward thinking, his strong analytical abilities, and his ears, which are open to good ideas no matter where they come from.