Haroldo Jacobovicz is someone who is dedicated to showing people the importance of information technology. He has taken his passion and started three different companies. They are the Horizons Datacenter, Horizons Telecom, and e-Governe Group.

All of the companies have the focus on solving problems that arise with information technology. He truly wants his companies to be the first place people look when they need solutions for issues with any form of information technology.

Haroldo Jacobovicz comes from a family of civil engineers. Both his mother and father were engineers. He was inspired by seeing the work they were able to create. He saw their passion for engineering and knew his passion for information technology was something he had to explore further. He wanted to create something that was beneficial to others, just like his parents was able to.

He started to learn more about information technology by starting a company, named Microsystem, with some friends who were very educated on the subject. The company did not last long; however, it did not cause his passion for the subject to deteriorate. Haroldo Jacobovicz started to understand he had to go to larger corporations for the clients he needed because many of the smaller businesses did not understand the importance of automation and structure.

Exxon Mobile actually hired him because they could understand the offering. He did not give up on his dreams of being an entrepreneur, and that is how he was able to start all of his companies. Haroldo Jacobovicz continues innovating new things because he is still as passionate about information technology today, as when he first began. Go here for more information