Abdul Latif Jameel (ALJ), established in Saudi Arabia 75 years ago, presently operates in more than 30 countries.

Hassan Jameel uses a lot of data and digitalization approaches to improve the company’s goods and services.

ALJ has always been a forward-thinking company that improves technology. The company’s strategic approach emphasizes digital transformation, which has set it apart.

Jameel considers data “the new gold” and uses it to track market developments. Jameel is using digital technology to simplify customer service and other data-heavy areas.

Jameel’s grand dad founded ALJ in 1945. He’s had a lot of success in the auto industry since opening his first petrol station in Jeddah, which has taught him humility. Connect on linkedin.com to view full information of Hassan Jameel

When he was no longer in charge, he entrusted ALJ to his son Mohammed Jameel, the Chairman and CEO, and his grandchildren Hassan and Fady Jameel.

Fady Jameel oversees ALJ’s international business, while Hassan Jameel oversees the U.S. The family-owned business operates in engineering, manufacturing, and real estate. It grows its competence in transportation, energy, healthcare, and finance.

ALJ’s B2B platform for car components is a recent technical innovation. Soon, the business will give end consumers a comparable platform.

ALJ’s massive data collection will be utilized to construct machine learning systems. The organization can better foresee changes, monitor its stock, build a data-driven culture, and save money. ALJ wants software and data experts who can properly utilize the company’s data.

Jameel supports ALJ’s efforts to hire more data scientists to solve financial, legal, and operational difficulties.

COVID-19 expedited ALJ’s digitization strategy. ALJ offers Toyota and Lexus home delivery. They established virtual showrooms for consumers who didn’t want to attend.

Hassan Jameel says more information before visiting a dealership changes how we buy cars. Before making a down payment, you may need to see the automobile in a virtual showroom.

As cars develop smarter and more networked, data is crucial. Jameel is tech-dependent. He regards it as essential to the company’s operations.