James Gutierrez is a man of many aspirations and has dedicated his entire career to building an inclusive system for everyone. Gutierrez is a change driver who believes in providing solutions that plague the American financial system. In particular, Gutierrez has been focused on providing means through which the glaring wealth gap in America can be solved.

As history has shown, minority communities are the most affected by wealth inequalities. While many people would argue that wealth is not related to race, James Gutierrez argues that statistics such as those from the housing market crash between 2009 and 2011 tell a different story. They indicate that white households could recover their wealth while minority Black households continued to lose at least 40% of their wealth.

The Covid-19 pandemic has further supported Gutierrez’s point on why wealth is race-based. He points to the economic recovery statistics relating to unemployment rates. Statistics indicate that white unemployment reduced significantly than other minority races such as Asians and Hispanics. James Gutierrez, in particular, laments that the pandemic has opened a lid on the importance of life insurance as most of the black and brown communities were overwhelmed by the health bills. Yet, there seemed no reprieve tailored to suit these communities.

James Gutierrez is particularly worried by the worrisome attitude presented in the financial sector. He notes that people from poor communities lack enough choices due to their lack of credit scores. Gutierrez opines that with no credit score to them financially, these individuals end up either paying in cash or borrow at extremely high-interest rates averaging 230%. With the cash option, Gutierrez notes, an individual does not still build credit history. Thus, individuals are forced to opt for expensive debts, resulting in unmanageable debts if the individual faces hurdles during repayment. It is such problems that James Gutierrez has dedicated his companies to solve, which he states is the only way to bridge the wealth gap.

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