What does the company do?

PosiGen solar power company works to implement affordable and easy to access solar power for low-to-moderate income communities and communities of color. Its leasing program is making it viable for families in those communities to not only invest in their homes but also save money on utility bills.


What is the company’s aim?

PosiGen aims to make a difference in the communities it serves and the world with solar power. This is done by ensuring that the low-to-moderate income regions have access to affordable and easy to access solar power.

PosiGen four primary goals are:

  1. Making a positive impact in the world

At PosiGen, the company saves families every dollar so that they can improve their homes (Bizneworleans).


  1. Providing Job opportunities to the Communities and families they serve

More than 60% of PosiGens employees are people of color and diversity is one of its solid values. The organization directly works with the people that communities they serve.


  1. Supporting growth in Low income communities and people of color

When communities and families save money on their utility costs, the same money is channeled back into the economy thereby improving their standards of living.


  1. Making a paradigm shift in our environment

By helping families and communities live in better, safer and healthier homes, PosiGen is making a huge impact by saving the world’s environment.


How Does PosiGens program work?

The installation road map is a 5 easy steps stated below.

  • Design and engineering
  • Permit and approvals
  • Installation
  • Inspection
  • Activation

There are two solar purchase programs that are offered at PosiGen. These are leasing and purchasing.


Comparison between leasing and purchasing

  • Leasing – flexible monthly payments, systems monitoring, no minimum credit required, energy efficient upgrades, installation is free and maintenance is included.


  • Purchasing- financing available, install included, 12-year system monitoring and an increased home value.


What are the benefits of PosiGen solar programs?

  • Low Energy Bills

Affordable efficiency upgrades such as air sealing reduces energy loss. This helps lower the monthly utility bill.


The use of solar energy at PosiGen is a cost effective way that helps our world be a better place to reside in.


  • Comfort and Health

When upgraded, homes have cleaner and fresher air with reduced moisture-related mold problems.


  • Increased Home Value

Reduced maintenance costs and improved durability easily attracts future buyers.