COVID-19 has affected businesses across the globe, with most of them changing how they do things. One notable change for most firms is allowing their employees to work from home. This change had to be done drastically, although it usually needs time to implement. Even though that can bring several challenges to the companies, there are massive benefits.

According to John Ritenour, one of the founders of IOA, both the employer and employees benefit from work remotely. No matter the approach that companies choose to follow, they always choose whatever benefits them. Allowing employees to work from home will reduce the overhead costs. Office rental fees, parking, insurance, and other utility bills will reduce when fewer employees work from the office.

John Ritenour also believes that working remotely makes the workers more productive. That is because they work for more hours as opposed to if they could be working from the office. Working from home is convenient because one decides the most suitable hours for them to work. When employees work from home, there are fewer sick offs reported.

If one gets ill, they may continue working from home as long as they are still strong. Again, not many illnesses are reported when people work from home because no one spreads the germs. Working remotely reduced the need to commute to the workplace. That, in turn, saves money, and the employees end up spending more time with their loved ones. Refer to This Article.

Employees manage their schedules properly when their workers offer their services from home. With the employees not going to the office, employees plan their time because they know what and when to expect the workers’ results. John Ritenour also believes that people working from home experience better health.

The workers get more time for physical activities and strive to consume healthier meals. Working from home also helps avoid conflicts among the workers. No distractions and noise experienced in workstations because everyone works from their own space.