Krishen Iyer is a determined and a focused entrepreneur. He is also the Co-founder of the MAIS Consulting group. The business focuses on building client relationships; it also helps companies grow and develop by offering consulting services, especially marketing. The company has grown to become a leading consulting group that helps in identifying gaps and opportunities. The company has its headquarters in Southern California. It plays a major role in serving the whole country, assisting businesses to market and make policies.

Krishen Iyer, who is based in California, has been in the insurance business for over 18 years doing marketing and contracting. He has played a significant role in helping both large and small businesses, especially in distribution. He developed the idea of coming up with MAIS after he sold Managed Benefits Services. He sold the leading contracting and marketing giant in early 2020. He then started MAIS to play the same role of helping other companies get to their top.

Iyer was quoted on Business Insider saying that the main goal of MAIS is to equip businesses with the tools they need to succeed. He also added that anyone who needs any support should not hesitate to contact them. They have helped many companies improve their consumer margins and get them on the right track to success.

Apart from being a businessperson, Krishen is a philanthropist. He has shown this by participating in various philanthropic activities within his communities. He has also been involved in charity activities in Haiti after an earthquake hit them.