Krishen Iyer is widely known for his investments in the insurance field. Iyer ventured into the insurance sector after completing his college studies. His first company was MNP Insurance, and the firm was incorporated in 2009 under the leadership of Krishen Iyer. The firm registered a tremendous growth rate, and it was included in the Inc. 5000 list, which is coveted by many. 


Creating and Seeking New Opportunities


Krishen Iyer had numerous ideas and enough energy to implement them. Besides founding MNP Insurance, he launched MBS (Managed Benefits Services), where he has been working as the CEO. The firm is also known as Quick Link Marketing. The insurance agency is insured, and it focuses on marketing. Managed Benefits Services usually offers specialized insurance services, and they also generate leads for each business. Under the leadership of Krishen Iyer, MBS uses an analytical process that is of good quality to generate leads that will help secure and attract new clients. 


Krishen Iyer has a good understanding of online marketing and the value it possesses. Online marketing plays a key role in the insurance sector and the services and products that clients need. The latest venture by Krishen Iyer is MAIS Consulting. The licensing agency has focused on contracting, marketing, the establishment of core operating policies, and strategic development. 

Krishen Iyer isn’t short-sighted, and he understands the need to ensure a balance between customer satisfaction and business profits. Iyer and his partners value regular communication and transparency. When dealing with each client, Krishen Iyer also schedules in-person meetings and phone calls. He will then spend the rest of the day looking for actionable and meaningful solutions that are profitable to each client. It is important to have a symbiotic relationship with each client. Krishen Iyer views himself as a business mentor, and his main focus is on attaining a remarkable success level. He is also selective when it comes to the clients that MAIS will take on, considering his main focus is on achieving the desired outcome.