Loretta Kryshak and her family specialize in the business of making disinfectant wipes. Their family dedicates themselves to society and the fight against covid. Loretta’s son Thaddeus has an educational background in engineering and is an engineer for the family business. Thaddeus recognized that the same material they used to make Rebel disinfectant wipes; is also used to create an N-95 mask. He brought this to his dad’s attention, and they worked together to finalize the look. They reinvented surgical face masks with the material of an N-95.

Loretta Kryshak’s family produced assembly kits. Then asked the community for volunteers to make the mask. Wisconsin residents dedicated hours of their time. After the production, they partnered with a company that focuses on both advertising and social change. They donated many of their reinvented masks to low-income communities. Rebel became more publicized, and covid precautions simultaneously became more mandatory, leading them to create #MaskUpMKE. Their goal was to assemble 3.5 million masks, but with the help of community centers, colleges, and Milwaukee residents, the company exceeded the goal. They distributed 4 million masks to society.

Even as covid dies down, the Rebel organization will continue to fight against covid and take on other social issues in America as they come. Loretta states that’s even though covid will end. There will always be social issues and injustices in the world. Those issues will always need recognition, support, and attention. Giving back to the community will always be in the Rebel Companies beliefs.