Pam Baer is known for her philanthropic ventures in society, but what is the life story of this amazing woman come from? The early life of Pam Baer can be traced back to Texas. She is an alumnus of the University of Texas, a University that allowed her to pursue a Marketing and Finance degree. After completing her studies, Pam Baer then moved to New York to embark on her career journey in financial services. Upon attaining massive career success, Pam joined the world of entrepreneurship.

Her first venture in the entrepreneurship world began with a direct mail marketing agency. Through the business, Pamela Baer got a chance to offer her services to a wide range of people, ranging from individual consumers to Fortune 500 companies. After achieving her business goals and, in particular, experience in the industry, a time came for Pam Baer to find a way to structure her businesses to support her first passion, philanthropy.

Family life and philanthropy

Another big move for Pam Baer came when she got married to her husband, Larry Baer. Together, the couple decided to leave New York and move to San Francisco to start a family. Together, the couple now has four children. Philanthropy is among the things that Pam Baer has always held close to her heart, but her full-time return to a cause she was already passionate about was her son’s accident. See this page for additional information.

Thanks to the SFG (San Francisco General Hospital), her son was restored to health, and this kickstarted a dedication towards advocating for healthcare for those who can’t afford it. To get the best possible healthcare to vulnerable persons, Pamela Baer has had to either serve as a founder, board member, or advisor of various non-profit organizations. At the top of the list of the organizations, she gets to dedicate her time and resources to is the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation (SFGHF).


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