Direct selling has a long history in our world, and traveling salespeople have been around since the 1800s and direct selling has been popular with companies like Avon and Amway. When compared to the new growth markets in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, these businesses are a drop in the bucket.

As stated by direct selling news, direct selling shapes fresh territory for the industrial world of selling. Asia-Pacific has brought on 44 percent of revenues from around the world through direct selling. More entrepreneurial find themself increasingly drawn to direct selling, especially in areas where a high unemployment rate and the opportunity to make an income has diminished.

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One organization that created a business from an emerging market started in the middle of Asia. Qnet, an online base forward sales company whose headquarters is in Hong Kong continues to fight against allegations ranging from a Ponzi scheme to fraud.

So, what exactly is Qnet and what do they do? The corporation is based on international e-commerce. Because of its distinctive and high-quality products and services, the industry has consumers all over the world. Qnet also offers strategies to promote items and improve sales. With multiple tiers of a model, Qnet employs its skills. This strategy gives salespeople the flexibility to sell items and earn money.

Created by two men who once worked for an American selling company that had a presence in the Philippines during the 90s. The American company shut its doors leaving behind an enormous debt in liabilities. The company develop with a strong team of 2000 individuals that shared their vision. The firm began as Goldquest, but as it grew and expanded on the commercial platform, it changed its name to QuestNet. In 2010, a new name, Qnet, was coined.

Qnet values its customers and thrives to bring together people with products they need at affordable prices.

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