Ross LevinsohnMore than 36 years ago, digital media guru Ross Levinsohn embarked on an incredible career that has taken him to top positions at companies like Yahoo!, Fox Interactive Media and others. Most recently, Levinsohn has moved into the CEO chair at both Sports Illustrated and Maven. In the process, he has been instrumental in how hundreds of digital media industry companies operate.

This is because Maven provides its elite clientele with premium solutions to meet their monetization, infrastructure and publication needs on one convenient platform. Its client list includes recognizable names like The Street with Jim Cramer, Maxim, Ski Magazine, and more. Notably, Maven has control over Sports Illustrated as well. This control has placed Levinsohn in the top spot at Sports Illustrated.

Over the last several decades, Sports Illustrated has derived a significant portion of its revenue from advertising. As an experienced leader, Levinsohn does not anticipate that being a solid structure in the future. In order to prepare Sports Illustrated to remain profitable in the coming decades, he has implemented a paywall for online content. Behind this paywall, he gives subscribers early-access content and superior content that is not available to others. This savvy move has had multiple benefits. In addition to establishing a new income stream, it has created new demand for Sports Illustrated’s content.

As a respected executive leader in digital media, Ross Levinsohn has been an influential force at numerous other businesses over the years. In fact, he has served in executive-level positions for companies like Guggenheim Digital Media, CBS Interactive, Home Box Office and many others.