Stephen Bittel has a deep knowledge of the real estate industry in southern Florida. Besides, the developer understands the Miami real estate business because it is his hometown. Since the company’s inception, Stephen Bittel has acquired $ 5 billion worth of real estate in Florida. Terranova Corporation has been expanding its product portfolio since the 1980s.

The company has been buying assets in Miami and the entire state of South Florida. Despite his success in real estate, Stephen Bittel has a career as a lawyer. The real estate developer hoped to inherit his family traditions and become a lawyer. However, his desire to become an entrepreneur saw him focus on business matters.

After gaining a foothold in the real estate market, Stephen Bittel decided to start a commercial real estate company. After creating a company during his studies, Terranova is one of the most popular real estate agencies in the region. Terranova Corporation also managed to recover from the market recession that hit the global companies.

It is during this time that Bittel got room to expand his company after completing undergraduate studies. Over the years, real estate specialist has accumulated more capital. Terranova Corporation currently owns self-storage facilities, residential buildings, office buildings, and industrial parks.

Due to continued growth, the firm has over a hundred shopping malls, thanks to the extensive portfolio. The company has before operated with known brands like Publix, Walgreens, and Starbucks. Terranova worked as a special agent for the city’s real estate and is responsible for commercial projects worth millions of dollars.

Stephen Bittel is a pioneer in the South Florida real estate market. His company has led to the development of the public real estate industry development and has been able to meet the needs of South Florida residents. Stephen Bittel is also a member of the Jackson Memorial Foundation, the Miami-Dade Authority, and the Chapman Partnership Board of Directors.