Miki Agrawal, whose name is synonymous with the word “feminism,” makes it her mission to make women’s health accessible, even as she disrupts the medical industry with her line of “smart” feminine hygiene products; brashly named “Thinx.” She launched Thinx after a decade of working in startups and the health industry and began by challenging the market’s brand of feminine hygiene products, which were clunky and inconvenient.


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Miki envisioned a more enjoyable and healthier experience for her own body and others. The result is a line of functional underwear that helps women feel comfortable and confident when they menstruate.

How Miki Agrawal Found Her Calling

“As I started thinking about how difficult it is for most women to feel good about their bodies and have sex, I realized I was meant to do something about this.” – Miki Agrawal, Founder of Thinx. “Miki is the kind of wild, fearless, innovative entrepreneur becoming rarer these days.” – Andi Fox, Entrepreneur and Contributor.

In 2012, Miki was immersed in one of the greatest challenges a woman could face in her lifetime. That year, her boyfriend, co-founder, and creative director of Thinx, had abruptly left the company to pursue a career as a software developer, leaving her as the sole owner, head of sales, and chief creative officer. Miki Agrawal established the company she founded while recovering from the events of that year.

Miki Agrawal’s Unique Business Model

In her first business venture, Bodyform, Agrawal invented a comfortable and user-friendly sanitary napkin for women’s health issues and menstrual cycles. This revolutionary product was so well-received that it took off in global markets. She not only created a wildly successful business for herself but also provided a solution to many women who were being denied access to adequate menstrual health products.

In this new venture, Miki Agrawal, in partnership with the Ethical Choice Co., has started a Clean Period program to distribute reusable menstrual cups in rural areas worldwide. We believe that innovation and compassion are the only way to improve health care and access to menstrual products.