Posigen is a new solar installation company that has gone against the norms of the industry by focusing on people instead of being money-oriented. They are also interested in solar system installation as a way to help their clients save on energy. As Thomas Neyhart explains, after realizing success in their solar installation program in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina hit homes, the firm started to expand outside of the southeastern U.S. 


Since 2005, the company has succeeded in expanding their operation to cover new markets across other regions in the US. Although it has grown, Posigen is still based on its affordability principle. CEO Thomas Neyhart states that this is because when they set out, the company founders were targeting to make a change for the low-to-moderate income earning family. 


To attract even more prospective clients, the firm has even adopted a leasing program. The reason for the company to introduce the program was to help families invest more in their homes and save money by cutting utility bill costs. Thomas Neyhart from Posigen also wanted to support the evolution of many households as they continue into the future. There are a few benefits accrued to using solar that have continued to attract more people. 


Apart from having lower bills, the field is also appealing to people that are conscious of their impact on the environment. While finding a more cost-effective method of getting energy, they are directly conserving the environment by minimizing the use of power from large plants that have diverse effects on the surroundings. Thomas Neyhart explains that the alternative power source is also good for people that are looking to increase their home value. If a buyer approaches them to purchase the home, the solar system will be an added item that may help decrease maintenance cost making it a more attractive option.